President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association was very pleased with the fine- attendance of members and wives at their "Golden Ball," held at the Durant Hotel, Flint, in the "Lodge Room." Please see pictures in this issue. There will be a "Special Insurance" meeting of all members at Howard Johnson's in the House Room, starting at 7:00 P.M. on January 19, 1966. Donald Richmond will be the "guest speaker" for the evening.

Flint's Golden Ball

Pictured left to right: Mr. and Mr.. William Blough, MAPC Director for District No.5 and Flint's Past President; Flint's President Stanley and Mrs. Cherwinski and MAPC President- Elect Donald and Mrs. Priest.

Pictured left to right: Attending Flint's Golden Ball were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Purzycki, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Purzycki and Mr. and Mrs. William Walters.


President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association and his fellow delegates were delighted with the wonderful time everyone had at Flint's County Fair -Get-Acquainted Party on Thursday night, Feb. 3, 1966. Please see picture of a wonderful party in our March Master Plumber magazine.
    P .S.-See Flint's seminar article on page 18.
    A spring dinner dance is being planned for late April. How would a "black tie" party sound, girls?

"Critical Path Method" Seminar Held In Flint By Stephenson

Ralph Stephenson, Detroit Consulting Engineer, makes a point on the Critical Path Method during his seminar in Flint, which was co-sponsored by the Flint Association of Plumbing" Heat- ing Contractors and the Detroit Builders Exchange.
    Contractors in the Flint area are being exposed to the "critical path method" through a four-session course sponsored by the Flint Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors and the Detroit Builders Exchange.
   The sessions, which began January 18 and concluded February 8, were conducted by Ralph Stephenson, a widely known consulting engineer.
Over 30 contractors and their employees attend- ed the four-session course. Stephenson introduced the group to this modern method of developing a plan of action for scheduling men and materials on a given construction project.
    Stephenson said that the proper use of the CPM technique enables a contractor to coordinate deliveries and the assignment of manpower to the job for maximum efficiency.
While some aspects of CPM might seem too sophisticated for many contractors, Stephenson pointed out that its basic concept is quite simple: It enables management to define a construction project as a group of interrelated activities with a definite start and a distinct finish.
He concluded that CPM does not perform miracles, as some of its proponents have claimed, but that it can be a useful tool in managing construction projects -and particularly in minimizing lost production time.

MARCH 1966

President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association, their Public Relations Committee, assisted by several local wholesalers have reserved a booth at Flint's Builders & Home Show. Walter Worthing, chairman of the Membership Committee has announced a Membership Drive starting February 2nd and ending April 1st, 1966. Flint's "Better Management Seminar" will be on Saturday, March 19th, 1966 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 109 Mott Building, Flint Community Junior College with Wayne Sanderhoff, speaker, sponsored by the Flint Association. This seminar is open to all Flint members and employees. Twenty-nine individuals representing 10 member firms have signed up to date. The Flint members are to be congratulated on their fine programs.

Flint's Wateright Home
to open in late June, 1966. The Flint Wateright Home Advisory Council as the group is known, includes representatives of the Flint Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors, local wholesalers, builders and a representative from the Consumers Power Co. Our purpose is to stimulate consumer interest in modern quality plumbing and heating products, said Chairman John Goyette. The Flint Wateright Home is in the $30,000-$35,000 range and is being constructed by builder Eldon Auker. In addition to Goyette and Auker, members of the Advisory Council include: Contractors Owen Wood of Mt. Morris Plumbing and Heating Co., and Dallas Long of Shank -Couplan -Long Co., and wholesalers Jack Engelhart, A. P. Engelhart Co. and John Sterner, Edwin Sterner Co.

Everyone had a delightful time at the
                       FLINT COUNTY FAIR

Thursday evening, February 3, 1966 Statler-Hilton Hotel, Detroit.

APRIL 1966

President Stan Cherwinski, Flint Association, says that more than 30 Flint Association members attended the Flint "Better Management Seminar" with Wayne Sanderhoff as speaker. Sanderhof is a management consultant, formerly a plumbing and heating contractor, and a regular columnist in Contractor magazine. The Seminar was held on Saturday, March 19 from 9 :00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at Flint Community Junior College. Subjects covered were learning to differentiate between productive and non-productive labor, costing out each type of labor, comparing estimated labor costs against actual labor costs, and deter- mining workable ratios between productive and non productive labor costs. Also Sanderhoff analyzed the different records needed by small and large contracting firms, the handling of labor and material estimates versus actual costs, and the effective use of records to insure a profit. The April meeting will be held on the 6th, and is the Annual Meeting. Held at Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge at 7 :30 p.m. Each committee will present their annual report. Thanks to Mrs. Lois Bettesworth for this fine report.

MAY 1966

President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association reports on their May 4, 1966 meeting held at Howard Johnson Motor Lodge on Miller Road. David Cuvrell, chairman of the Labor Relations committee, reports that the committee worked hard and diligently and came up with a tentative agreement. No strike is anticipated. Congratulations go to their membership committee for signing up three new members during the membership drive which ended on May 1st. Howard Shand, chairman of the Apprenticeship Committee said for their all day May 4th Apprenticeship Seminar the following topics would be presented "Steam and Its Properties" and "Pyrex Pipe and Its Applications." Please see story in this issue about Apprentice Floyd H. Ecker being selected for industry painting.

Bound for Immortality

This was the scene at Flint, Michigan, airport April 7 as plumbing apprentice Floyd H. Ecker prepared to leave for New York City to pose for the official plumbing industry painting. Here, Ecker (second from right) and his wife, Beulah, receive plane tickets from In-Sink-Erator district sales manager John White. Watching the presentation from left to right are Mrs. Ben Suski and Mr. Suski, owner of Flint Plumbing and Heating Company, Ecker's employer; W. Straight, general organizer of the United Association; and W. S. McCollom, business agent of Local Union 370. The Eckers were joined on the trip to New York by Mr. and Mrs. Suski. There, the four of them received an all-expenses weekend courtesy of In- Sink-Erator.

JUNE 1966

President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association, requests a special meeting right after their regular June 1st, 1966 business meeting to be held at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in Flint. This meeting will be called for members to consider a change in the dues structure. The WATERight Home which is located at 1197 Burnt Leaf Lane at the corner of Rustic Lane in Ottawa Hills, will be open to the public on June 5th. Phil Agree announces that the general meeting for all trades will be held on June 15th at the Southmoor Country Club, G4312 S. Dort Highway, at 6 :00 P.M. David Cuvrell, chairman of the Labor Relations Committee, reports that the new contract with Local 370 has been proof read and is now at the printers. You will be getting your copy soon.

Certificates Awarded to 31

Certificates were awarded to the 31 graduates of the Flint Association's second Foremen's Seminar this spring. Pictured during the ceremonies are (from left) Calvin Leckrone, Leslie Roth, John Heron and David Cuvrell, chairman of the Association's education committee.


President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association, announced that there will not be a regular membership meeting in August. Bob Almquist reports that their Annual Golf and Outing was a huge success with 127 playing golf, 180 attending dinner and $600 was awarded in golf and door prizes. Jack Fingland and Bob Almquist tied for winner of the Actual Low Score which was open to members and guests. Ken Dorgan was the winner of the Callaway trophy, the longest drive was won by Art Turner; and Vern Isenhart won the closest to the pin contest. All and all it was a terrific day for those who attended. Dave Cuvrell, Chairman of the Educational Committee reports that this fall they will have a third Foreman's Seminar. Also, a two day session about management is planned with Bert Kinsey as moderator. More on this program later. President Stan announced the appointment of Jim Johnson, chairman of the Sanitary Committee with Bill Worthing, Bob Mesack and John Steele to serve with him. Lester Smith, chairman, Wet Heat Code Committee, reports that according to Royal Beckwith, Cheif Boiler Inspector for the State of Michigan, the effective date for the new Boiler Rules and Regulations will be this fall. More on this later.


President Stan Cherwinski, Flint Association and their entertainment committee invite all members, their employees and families to the Flint Association Annual Plumbers Picnic to be held on Sunday, September 11,1966 at Pine Ridge Amusement Park, near Frankenmuth, starting at noon. Free Rides -Free Pop -Free Ice Cream -Free Beer! !! Games and many prizes. So, plan to attend, bring your employees, your families and have a BALL PLUS. From the educational committee comes the good news that Bert Kinzey and his Management Institute Program will be presented to the membership on October 20-22,1966 and the cost is only $25.00 per person. This is an excellent course for small contractors and key employees. The next regular meeting will be held on Sept. 7th at 7 :30 p.m. at Howard Johnsons on Miller Road


President Stan Cherwinski, Flint Association, was most pleased when over 300 persons attended the Flint Plumbers Picnic at Pine Ridge Amusement Park on Sunday Sept. 11th, 1966, with 2,658 tickets for free rides to the children and everyone reports a wonderful afternoon. It has been rumored that the City of Flint is considering an ordinance change permitting the use of plastic pipe and fittings on sanitary waste and drains, reports Jim Johnson, Sanitary Committee. The Flint Building Industry Joint Committee members will attend the Oct. 5th regular association business meeting to present the summary resulting from meetings which were held with architects, engineers, electrical and general contractors, and will request adoption of their recommendations by the Flint Association. The committee met with general contractors on Sept. 27th and received the vote of confidence from this group. Their meeting with electrical contractors is set for Oct. 12th, and Oct. 17th will be the meeting with architects and engineers. Phil Agree urges that you attend this meeting and give full support to this hard working group. President Stan Cherwinski said that he plans to attend the MAPC Attendance Committee meeting in Lansing on Sept. 30, 1966.


President Stan Cherwinski, Flint Association, and his fellow members were very pleased when David Cuvrell, chairman of the Education Committee, reported that 22 persons attended the Bert Kinzey Management Institute held at the Flint Junior College on October 20-22, 1966, and that there was quite a lot of interest shown and good ideas brought forth. Many round table discussions were held. The next educational project for Flint members will be the Contractors version of the Foremen's Seminar which will be held in January and February of 1967. The Flint members will be contacted on our State Insurance Program according to President Cherwinski, who feels that our MAPC Program is a good one especially for the small contractor. George Wilson our MAPC Insurance Administrator has an excellent slide presentation on the benefits of this outstanding program and would like to be invited to regular association business meetings to present same. "A TOUCH OF VELVET" is the theme of the Christmas Dinner-Dance to be held by the Flint Association at the Durant Hotel, on Saturday, December 10th, 1966. Cocktails at 6 :30 p.m., Dinner at 7 :30 p.m. and dancing to the Rhythm Music of Tony Kaczmarek's Orchestra. Sure sounds exciting. The next regular membership meeting will be held at Howard Johnson's, Miller Road on November 2,1966.


President Stanley Cherwinski, Flint Association, says Invitations have been mailed to all firm representatives for their annual Christmas party to be held at the Durant Hotel, in the lodge room, on December 11. Please return the card enclosed with the invitation by Dec. 4, indicating if you will attend so that reservations may be completed. MAPC 75th Diamond Jubilee Convention Thursday night get-acquainted party has been named "Roaring Twenties Party" on January 26, 1967, starting with Rietta Raye, strolling accordionist and vocalist, dancing to Tom Saunders and His Surfside Six, with Paul Lennon as "MC" for the evening's excellent program.
    Delegates will be appointed at this meeting, so detach your reply to our letter requesting the name of a delegate and alternates to the 1967 MAPC Convention and mail to the Flint Association office, P.O. 4068, as soon as possible. Apprenticeship classes have been suspended for an indefinite period due to the illness of Scotty Reid, the instructor. Howard Shand, chairman of the apprenticeship committee reports that efforts are being made to acquire a replacement from the state. Next business meeting to be held on December 7, 1966 at 7:30 P.M. at Howard Johnson's, Miller Road. Thanks to Lois Buttesworth for this fine report.